Healing 4 Good in 90 days Coaching program

Healing 4 Good in 90 days Coaching program

Value $15,000

Our complete coaching program to help you crack the code of your permanent healing in 90 days. Learn how to definitely heal, build true relationships and turn your pain into the power to propel your divine vision and leadership

- Release the anger, the pain, the fear, resolve all the impostor's mindset triggers to embrace your new life

- Find your path and know exactly how to use your story for a purpose so much bigger than you

- Hack your mind to reprogram your belief system so you can drop definitely the load of pain off your shoulder

- Gain confidence, rebuild your self esteem and love without the defensive process of your brain

- Gain back the control of your life

- Create healthy and long lasting relationships

- Learn how to create a healthy environnement and an harmonious life well balanced, spiritually, emotionally, socially and professionally

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